Honest American food with big flavors utilizing the bountiful products of the region and the rich history of European cuisine




A Husband & Wife Team on a Mission

Josiah and Shannon McGaughey began the journey of opening a restaurant as a mere tabletop kitchen pop up inside Burial Beer Co in 2015.  It was a great way to put Josiah’s food out there to see if people enjoyed his style—luckily for us they did, and within a year we were opening what is now the permanent food truck set up of Salt & Smoke.  Although Salt & Smoke operates through window service, we aim to offer restaurant caliber service and cuisine, all plated on paper plates.  We’ve been graced with many accolades and wonderfully appreciative guests over the last year and a half of being open, many of which have been asking when we’ll have a brick and mortar.  This hunt for the brick and mortar has been long and strenuous, but in the end we couldn’t have asked for a better location or more amazing folks to work with along the way.  We were extremely excited to take over space previously occupied by The Junction, as owners Charles and Tanya Triber leave their business to free up valuable time for their family.  The River Arts District truly was our first home when we moved to Asheville four years ago when Josiah was helping to open The Bull and Beggar as a line cook.  We can’t wait to get integrated into the community once more, and remain close to Salt & Smoke which will stay open under the caring hands of our Chef de Cuisine, Daniel Rubner.

Vivian is named after Josiah’s grandmother who was a driving force in his culinary upbringing as she hosted grand dinner parties in a Julia Child-like fashion as he was growing up in Georgia.  Josiah’s menu will continue to explore the work he’s already presented at Salt & Smoke, but he plans to truly challenge himself as he elevates his cuisine all within our new comforting casual dining space.  The food will be clean, with limited elements to a plate, but with each one promising big, robust flavors.  As he focuses on combining the perfect mix of flavors across appetizers, small plates, entrees, and desserts, he will continue to explore the melding of European flavors and techniques into the realm of his Southern heritage.  We’re elated to finally have a full kitchen so that we can take on more of the region’s incredible farmers.  The menu will be seasonal and change frequently, with weekly specials and various special events to be expected.  And best of all, a full service diner restaurant means we can finely present a full drink menu to our guests.  We plan on offering a large wine list with unique and delectable old world varietals that will compliment the food.  Guests will also see a lot of pre-prohibition classics on our cocktail list with additional craft cocktails that explore similar themes as the culinary concept.  And of course, we’ll continue to promote all the talented breweries of Asheville with local taps available and special releases from our friends at Burial Beer Co. 

Vivian is a small cozy home we'd like you to think of as your own.  Full dining is available at the bar, but we do not accept reservations for those seats, just walk on in!  For reservations in the main dining room please call or click below to make a reservation!  


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