Honest American food with big flavors utilizing the bountiful products of the region and the rich history of European cuisine

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Tues - Sat:  5 - 10pm

Dinner Menu


Lil' Bites


Seared Foie Gras  -  12

1.5oz sorghum glazed foie, roasted carrot puree, pecan, wild cress*

Potted Shrimp  -  8

NC shrimp poached in butter, local bread, pickled clam garnish


Chicken Liver Mousse  -  7

sally lunn toast, pickled golden raisins


Nordic Deviled Eggs   -  8

three boiled egg halves stuffed with smoked mackerel, potato, and cornichon, topped w/caviar


Venison   -  13

rare seared, huckleberry, lightly smoked mushrooms, pickled mustard seed*


Filet Américain  - 13

traditional dutch beef tartar made with filet mignon, capers, shallot, mustard, and ketchup, served with egg yolk and OWL baguette*



Small Plates


Souffle Omelette - 17

crab newburg, herbs


Quenelle  -  20

classic lyonnaise style scallop dumpling, creamy lobster sauce


Smoked Oysters  -  13c

4 of our daily oysters topped with fennel oil, crème fraîche, & caviar*


Smoked Bone Marrow  -  16

two smoked & roasted beef bones, shallot-Currant jam, garlic cream, OWL baguette

finish your order with a Cognac Luge  -  6

PEI Mussels -  15

moules du navigateur: curry cream sauce, carrot, onion, baguette


French Onion Soup Dip  -  13

slowly caramelized onions, red wine, melted gruyere cheese, OWL baguette




Purple Sprouted Broccoli  -  8

almond, blood orange zest


Salad de Saison - 10

local greens & herbs, charred hornbacher cheese, smoked bread crumb, vinaigrette piquante


Braised Salsify  -  8

lobster sousbise, fried leek


Lobio  -  9

kidney beans, beets, cilantro, harissa, pomegranate, kefir- farmer’s cheese


Radicchio ‘Gumolo’ Salad  -  12

boquerones, parmesan, celery & leek vinaigrette



Whole Branzino  -  30

parsnip, charred sculpit, shallot, hazelnut, sauce bercy


Pan Seared Arctic Char  -  26

sautéed parsley root, cipollini onion, & carrot with lobster butter and champagne sabayon 


Blanquette de Veau -  35

seared veal chop atop a creamy ragout of veal breast, carrot, pearl onion, & mushrooms*


Tournedos Rossini - 35

bacon wrapped filet mignon, seared foie gras, toast, truffles, sherry-demi glace*


Vivian’s Steak Dinner - 45 

18oz T - bone, red wine sauce, charred onion, Potatoes PAVe

           VIV'S HEDONISTIC FOIE GRAS ADD-ON:  top off your steak with  4 oz of seared foie gras…because why not??   .....25


Ice Cream Sandwich  -  8

snickerdoodle cookie, roasted banana & bourbon ice cream, boozy caramel, candied pecans


Coca Cola Peanut Tart  -  8

think traditional salted peanuts in your coke….but sticky tart form! 


Chocolate Pound Cake  -  8

chocolate chip streusel, chantilly cream, huckleberry syrup


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