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Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day Pre-Fixe at Vivian

Celebrate the love with Viv for Valentine’s Day! We will be continuing our annual theme for the holiday where we feature menu items that are found of vintage Valentine’s Day menus. Essentially we dive deep into the NY Public Library Archives and other vintage menu sites to find old menus from Vday dating from the 1880s - 1970s! Its a pretty cool nerd hunt that makes for a very scrumptious dinner! The pre-fixe will be $65/per person (no tax, gratuity, or booze included). You can see the courses in the menu image to you left, but its essentially six courses, including a boozy palate cleanser. Unfortunately our small kitchen will not be able to allow substitutes for this big event, thanks for understanding! Make your reservation today via our Visit/Find a Table link, or call us at 828.225.3497!