Honest American Food with Big Flavors that Utilize the Bountiful Products of our Region and the Rich History of European Cuisine

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Upcoming Events

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Viv Nibs: EVERY DAY from 5-6pm

Come in and join us for a casual snack in the early hours of the evening! We have taken some of our menu favorites, like our Nordic Deviled Eggs and Steamed Mussels, cut the portion in half and reduced the price by more than that! We are also letting the kitchen play around with daily specials, including lil’ sandwiches, dips, and more. We’ll have the regular menu available as well, and you can enjoy VivNibs at the bar or at a table in the main dinning or on the patio!



At Vivian, we take a lot of pride in our wine selection. We offer about 80 bottles of different old world wines from all over Europe (with a few US new world stragglers). From classics like a Pinot Noir from Burgundy, to obscure varietals like Sciaccarellu from Corsica, we’ll have a perfect wine ready for your evening! With half off Wine Wednesday, you can enjoy one of these bottles for quite the steal, at prices as low as $18 a bottle! Come enjoy some vino under the sun on our patio or over dinner where we are happy to suggest the perfect pairing!

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We obviously embrace a lot of old school European recipes on our regular menu, but at the core of that is a back history of being raised in the South. What that translates to in the restaurant is a comforting gesture, a respect for local produce and proteins, a deep rooted hospitality, and an overall nostalgia for the food we were raised with. In honor of this, we’ll have a Southern Throwback Meal on each Thursday that embraces an old country favorite someone may have had growing up, or an all around a comfort food cultural classic. Think fried chicken, low country boils, brunswick stew, etc. With our head chef raised in Georgia and the rest of the kitchen ranging form North Carolina, to Alabama, to Texas we should have a good range of classics from all over the south! Keep an eye on social media to find out what the special is every week!