Honest American food with big flavors utilizing the bountiful products of the region and the rich history of European cuisine

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Tues - Sat:  5-11pm

Dinner Menu


Lil' Bites

Smoked Rabbit Bologna -  7

carrot mustarda, pickled & fermented vegetables


Seared Foie Gras  -  12

1.5oz hudson valley foie, brandy pan sauce, chestnut pâté


Smoked Duck Liver Mousse  -  7

anton’s sourdough, onion jam


Country Pork Terrine  -  7

horseradish mustard, pickles, toast


Jo’s Canned Fish -  9

olive oil & herb poached smelt, housemade saltines, dijon, boiled egg


Crudité -  8

raw, seasonal market vegetables, hollandaise mousseline


Nordic Deviled Eggs  -  8

three boiled eggs halves stuffed with smoked mackerel, potato, & cornichon, topped w/ caviar


Small Plates

Filet Americain  -  12

dutch style beef tartar with dijon, cornichon, shallot, ketchup & crostini


Souffle Omelette - 15

crab newburg, herbs


Quenelle  -  18

classic lyonnaise style scallop dumpling, creamy lobster sauce


Oysters & Rosé  -  14

4 raw oysters topped with caviar, served w/ black pepper, shallot & sparkling rosé


Moules Du Navigateur  -  15

steamed PEI mussels, curry, cream, carrot, onion, baguette



Cousa Squash  -  6

farmer’s cheese, whey, calamint


Salad de Saison - 9

greens & herbs, melted hornbacher cheese, smoked bread crumb, vinaigrette piquante.....9                                                                     


Celtuce - 6

stem & greens, nettle butter


Grilled Artichoke Hearts  -  12

dill butter, white anchovy


Petite Turnips  -  7

warmed in duck fat, brown butter pangritata



Veal Meatball & Bass Potée  -  23

locally foraged nettle and garlic mustard in meatballs, black bass collar and cheeks, spring onion, radish, escarole, light broth


Poulet Rouge Poussin avec Haricots  -  27

grilled whole young chicken, cold fava custard, orca & fava beans, country ham, green garlic, espagnole


Black Sea Bass à la Printanière  -  24

pan seared black bass filet, lamborn pea tendril, poached egg, creamy herb sauce


Iberico Presa de Paleta  -  27

 grilled pork collar, farm & sparrow polenta, grilled sculpit, caramelized shallots


Tournedos Rossini - 35

bacon wrapped filet mignon, seared foie gras, toast, truffles, sherry-demi sauce


Vivian’s Steak Dinner - 45 

18oz T - bone, red wine sauce, charred onion, pommes château

           VIV'S HEDONISTIC FOIE GRAS ADD-ON:  top off your steak with  4 oz of seared foie gras…because why not??   .....25



Pep's Donuts 

housemade strawberry jelly filled & Boston Creme, sweetened whipped Buttermilk ......8


Rhubarb Galette

rustic tart, stroopwafel ice cream.....8


Chocolate & Vanilla Bavaroise 

rum and cherry syrup.....8


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