Honest American Food with Big Flavors that Utilize the Bountiful Products of our Region and the Rich History of European Cuisine

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Tues - Sat:  5 - 10pm

Dinner Menu




Marinated Olives  -  5

assorted olives to nibble on!

Smoked Oysters  -  13

2 oysters topped with chimichurri mignonette

2 oysters topped with grilled & pickled lobster mushrooms, tallow, and chive*

Nordic Deviled Eggs   -  8

three deviled egg halves stuffed with smoked fish, potato, and cornichon, topped w/caviar


Pork n’ Pear   -  10

cured & shaved pork loin, white wine poached seckel pears stuffed with muscadine jam, 

lightly dressed red romaine lettuce, whey walnut sauce


Foie Gras Pâté - 13

pickled red onion, grilled figs, local lettuce, sally lunn toast


Octopus Carpaccio  -  13

octopus legs braised in white wine & turmeric, set in gelée, 

with oyster mayo, pickled kohlrabi, fresh radish


Panade  -  10

french onion casserole w/ local fall greens, gruyere, parmesan 


Hungarian Style Beef Tartar  - 14

filet mignon, roasted paprika peppers, shallot, caper, rye, egg yolk*


Rolled & Roasted Pork Belly  -  14

sorana beans, pepper, lobster mushroom, charred & smoked onion, savory broth


Omelette Souffle - 17

crab newburg, fresh herbs n’ more


Steamed Mussels  - 17

bang island mussels, mirepoix, breadcrumb, beer broth


Quenelle - 20

classic lyonnaise style scallop dumpling, creamy lobster sauce




Baked Halibut  -  28

parisian gnocchi, braised carrot, scallion, sauce a la cassis


Seared Quail Breast -  25

wilted radicchio, smoked chestnut mushrooms, sauce robert


Bourride   -  35

provençal seafood stew, scallops, shrimp, clams, salt cod, corn tomato, pickled fennel, baguette with aïoli


Tournedos Rossini - 35

bacon wrapped filet mignon, seared foie gras, toast, truffles, half-ice sherry *


Vivian’s Steak Dinner - 45 

18oz T - bone, red wine sauce, charred onion, potato pavè*

Viv’s Hedonistic Add On:  top off your steak with  4 oz of seared foie gras…because why not??....30 


Season Salad - 10

local greens & herbs, charred hornbacher cheese, smoked breadcrumb, vinaigrette piquante


Roast Honeynut Squash  -  10

marinated peppers, farmer’s cheese, arugula

Hericot Verts  -  10

heirloom tomato, french green beans, crispy duck confit, mustard butter


Hakurei Turnips  -  8

sautéed with curry cream, chinese red celery


Sundae  - 8

paw paw & salted caramel ice cream, peanut brittle, chocolate sauce, whipped cream


Local Honey & Vanilla No Bake Cheesecake  -  8

graham cracker crust, fig gelée, pistachio brown butter crumble


German Apple Cake  -  8

créme anglais, sorghum foam



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