Honest American Food with Big Flavors that Utilize the Bountiful Products of our Region and the Rich History of European Cuisine

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Tues - Sat:  5 - 10pm

Dinner Menu




Marinated Olives  -  5

assorted olives to nibble on!

Smoked Oysters  -  13

4 of our daily oysters topped with fennel oil, crème fraîche, & caviar*

Nordic Deviled Eggs   -  8

three deviled egg halves stuffed with smoked fish, potato, and cornichon, topped w/caviar


Pork n’ Peaches   -  9

smoked pork loin, cheek ham, oyster leaf, whey, almond, mustard


Foie Gras Pâté - 13

pickled red onion, grilled figs, local iceberg, sally lunn toast


Shrimp Toast  -  12

NC shrimp—poached & chilled, rhu sally lunn bread,

lettuce, buttermilk dressing, fried shallot


Boulettes  -  12

pork & duck confit sausages, turkish fry peppers, molasses, sweet corn**


Hungarian Style Beef Tartar  - 13

filet mignon, roasted paprika peppers, shallot, caper, rye, egg yolk*


Potato Gratin  -  11

gruyere, parmesan, onion, anchovy, herbs, cream


Omelette Souffle - 17

crab newburg, fresh herbs n’ more


Steamed Clams -  16

littleneck clams, white wine, tomato butter, green olives, burnt bread


Quenelle - 20

classic lyonnaise style scallop dumpling, creamy lobster sauce




Whey Poached Halibut  -  26

almond beurre blanc, french market carrots


Bone-in Pork Chop -  27

housemade sausage, green beans, peppers, marsala sauce


Seared Scallops   -  24

cucumber, tomato, buttermilk, cornbread


Tournedos Rossini - 35

bacon wrapped filet mignon, seared foie gras, toast, truffles, half-ice sherry *


Vivian’s Steak Dinner - 45 

18oz T - bone, red wine sauce, charred onion, potato pavè*

Viv’s Hedonistic Add On:  top off your steak with  4 oz of seared foie gras…because why not??....30 


Season Salad - 10

local greens & herbs, charred hornbacher cheese, smoked breadcrumb, vinaigrette piquante


Stuffed Eggplant  -  12

cornbread stuffing, bacon, Peppers, Paprika, garlic, thyme, atop lemony famer’s Cheese

Heirloom Tomatoes  -  9

carrot top velouté, white anchovy, olive oil


Hakurei Turnips  -  9

brown butter, lima beans, muscadines, caramelized onion soubise, fried poke weed


Peach Charlotte  - 8

peach butter & custard filling, buttery rhu crust, caramel sauce



YEASTED LATTICE CRUST, armer’s cheese, pistachio, honey, housemade vanilla ice cream


Flourless Chocolate Torte  -  8

brandied cherries, chantilly cream



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